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Route length: 885 km

total tour time: 2 days


all year round, the best months to visit are from April to October

Tour price for 2 days:

1 adult—$770

2 adults—$820

3 adults—$900

4 adults—$960

The price includes:

✅ Comfortable SUV

✅ Accommodation

✅ Driver-guide (English speaking)

✅ Lunch, tea, and coffee on the way

✅ Entrance tickets

✅ Drinking water (1 liter per person)

During this domestic tour in Kazakhstan, you will visit:

  • Singing Dune
  • A Seven Hundred Year Old Tree
  • Aktau Mountains
  • Katutau Lava Mountains
  • Petroglyph of Tamgaly-Tas
  • Charyn canyon
Aktau mountains
Katutau mountains

Singing dune, Aktau and Katutau mountains.

Tour in Kazakhstan on SUVs from Silk Travel

Visit the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Alien landscapes, untouched nature, the amazing beauty of the Altyn-Emel reserve are waiting for you during a two-day tour of Kazakhstan from Silk Travel. We have created a tour program that will make your head spin as you have never experienced so many impressions, photos, and memories!

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    Why Silktravel?
    • Individual approach
      Travel comfortably without noisy groups.
    • Experience
      Explore hidden gems and capture stunning moments in secret locations for the best pictures.
    • Safety first
      After every tour, we diligently conduct technical inspections on our vehicles.
    • Presents
      That’s a good tradition in Silk Travel. We try our best to make every visit to Kazakhstan memorable. It can be horse riding, drone videos or sweet gifts.
    • Flexibility
      Our guides can choose the difficulty level of the tour for you.
    • Attainments
      Our expertise extends to tire repair even in the heart of the steppe.

    The most spectacular Almaty tourist places

    Lake Kolsai is one of the most famous sights of Almaty, located in the mountains of Kungei-Alatau.

    Lake Kaindy is a mystical place for pilgrimage tours in Kazakhstan, mysterious and picturesque.
    Charyn Canyon is a unique rock complex that boggles the imagination.
    The Singing Dune is the most interesting natural attraction that can be seen during our bus tour of Kazakhstan.
    Asy Plateau is picturesque meadows and proximity to the stars in the most beautiful location near Almaty.
    Tekes waterfall is a great option for outdoor activities in Kazakhstan. Beauty and extreme in one location.
    Lake Issyk is a high-mountain landmark of Kazakhstan.

    Tamgaly Tas tract—mysterious petroglyph sites and secrets of the past in a beautiful natural location north of Almaty.

    Altyn-Emel tour to national park

    Unforgettable trip - tours to the national natural park Altyn-Emel

    The Altyn-Emel State Reserve was established relatively recently - in 1996, but managed to gain popularity and recognition among connoisseurs of real nature, the beauty of virgin mountains, the diversity of landscapes, vast expanses and cleanliness!

    The national park is one of the sights of the Republic of Kazakhstan, every visitor and resident of this hospitable state should visit it at least once in their life.

    General description:

    In Altyn Emel, tours are very popular. People come here to see the beauties of nature, to see and hear the singing dunes, to enjoy the silence and vast expanses. The total area of the national park is almost 460 thousand hectares. The maximum width of the occupied territory is 30 km, and the length of the reserve is 200 km from east to west.

    Altyn Emel Park is famous not only for its beautiful natural places. Many historical monuments have been preserved here, which were left to us from the Great Conqueror Genghis Khan.

    What to see:

    - this singing dune tour is especially popular (a sand dune 100 m high and about 3 km long);

    - the most beautiful chalk mountains of Aktau;

    - Katutau mountain range;

    - Kalkans (small and large), etc.

    It's better to watch it once. What's more, it's easy to do so.

    Profitable proposition

    In Altyn Emel, a tour can be ordered at our agency on favorable terms. Trips are organized from Almaty, the time and date of departure can be ordered on any day on our website or from our agent.

    Altyn Emel Park is the most beautiful place in Kazakhstan, where you want to return again and again!