Kolsai lakes – a natural wonder of Kazakhstan

Kolsai lakes are rightfully among the most beautiful places of nature in Kazakhstan. Another name for the Kolsai lakes is the blue necklace of the Northern Tien Shan. This name fully reflects reality, because such incredible beauty is not found everywhere. "Kolsai" literally means "lake in the gorge".

Each of the three Altai lakes is located at different elevations relative to sea level. The Kolsai River begins its long journey with ancient glaciers located on the Kungei-Alatau mountain ranges and flow into each of the lakes in turn. The lakes are of decent depth and are freshwater. The greatest recorded depth is 80 m . The bottom of the lakes has a gentle relief and does not have pronounced rocky protrusions.

Kolsai is a great place for active recreation

Kolsai lakes are very popular among tourists from different countries. Trekking on the Kolsai lakes is quite simple and even beginners in this business will master them without much difficulty. Kolsai is a great place for picnics and horseback riding, and cyclists enjoy riding along winding paths. The ideal time for active recreation in this area is considered to be the time period from mid-April to the end of September.

Not far from the Kolsai lakes, 10 km away, there is the village of Saty, in which there is a large selection of all kinds of guest houses, which have everything necessary for a comfortable stay of vacationers. Well, connoisseurs of real wildlife can camp and sleep in tents near the lake and admire the natural landscape of Kolsai and the crystal purity of nature.

The lucky ones who have visited this magnificent area will remember its exclusive splendor, silence and tranquility for the rest of their lives. When the surface of the lakes is calm, the sky is clearly displayed in them, and closer to dusk you can observe the splashing of trout shoals in the water. Based on the above, we can draw certain conclusions that this natural area is simply created for outdoor enthusiasts.


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