Unique sights of Kazakhstan: Assy plateau and the observatory at its highest point

Since ancient times, the Assy plateau Almaty has been used as a summer pasture for sheep. The caravan routes from Europe and Central Asia to China and India passed through this place. The plateau is represented by an intermountain valley of incredible size, where you can admire the beauty of flowering meadows. The majestic natural monument is located at an altitude of 2200-2600 m relative to sea level.

Geographical characteristics

Assy plateau Kazakhstan is located 100 km southeast from Almaty in the Enbekshikazakh district. The natural attraction is located between the picturesque Turgen Gorge and the Bartogai Reservoir, the basin of which is the Chilik mountain river. The Assy plateau stretches 30-40 km from west to east, and is framed by the Tien Shan mountain ranges from the north. The width of the intermountain valley is 5-7 km.

Assy-Turgen Observatory

Monitoring of space objects are carried out at the Assy-Turgen Observatory, which is built on the highest point of the Assy plateau Kazakhstan. It is located at an altitude of 2,750 m above sea level and is surrounded by mountain ranges with a maximum height of 3,450 m. The place for the construction of the observatory was not chosen by chance: ideal conditions for conducting various researches have been created here. The air is transparent, and the air masses are characterized by low turbulence. At night, the sky is clearly visible. The observations are carried out using the Zeiss-1000 and AZT-20 telescopes.

Travelers need to keep in mind that it is impossible to enter the territory of the observatory. People come to the site to admire the local views: the vast expanses of the Assi plateau and the gorge located below, around which fir trees grow. The observatory's telescope resembles a futuristic-style tower, which gives the landscape a fantastic look.

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The natural attraction looks spectacular at any time of the year. However, the Assy plateau tour is most popular in the summer. Tourists also like to come to these places in late autumn to admire the beauty of the gorge, covered with the first snow.

Interesting facts

A river of the same name runs along the plateau in the east. If you walk along its shore, you can see ancient mounds and rock paintings. They are one of the most mountainous clusters of petroglyphs in the Republic.

It is recommended to start your journey along the Assy Plateau in the Turgen Valley. There are a large number of waterfalls of different heights. Almost all of them have cool water flowing, which allow to refresh in hot weather. After the valley, another attraction opens before your eyes – the Assy-Turgen Observatory. The facility is the only observatory in Kazakhstan with an ideal astroclimate.

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6 days

Bashi village / Singing Dune / Aktau mountains / Katutau / Tiger mountains / Zharkent Mosque / Charyn Canyon / Moon Valley / Yellow Canyon / Black canyon / Saty village / Kolsai lake / Kaindy lake / Kokpek gorge / Assy or Issyk lake / Almaty city / Green Bazar / 28 park Panfilov / Cathedral / Kok Tobe



6 days

Shymbulak / Medeo / Old city centre / Big Almaty lake / Besshatyr korgan / Kok tobe / Kolsai lake / Saty village / Assy plateau / Petroglyphs / Zenkov cathedral / Charyn canyon / Baiseit village / Golden man / Issyk Village / Green bazar / Kaindy lake / Kokpek gorge / Turgen gorge / Konaev city



8 days

Bashi village / Singing Dune / Aktau mountains / Katutau / Tiger mountains / Zharkent Mosque / Charyn Canyon / Moon Valley / Yellow Canyon / Black canyon / Saty village / Kolsai lake / Kaindy lake / Kokpek gorge / Assy or Issyk lake / Almaty city / Green Bazar / 28 park Panfilov / Cathedral / Kok Tobe


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