The most beautiful places in Kazakhstan in 4 days! This all-inclusive tour is a magical journey to the Charyn Canyon, Lake Kolsai, Kaindy, Altyn-Emel.

We invite you to spend 4 unforgettable days in the steppes and mountains of Kazakhstan. Our four-day tour "Golden Ring of Zhetysu" is an opportunity to visit all the famous natural locations of the country. We go on a tour from Almaty to Kazakhstan by comfortable SUVs, stay in cozy hotels and guesthouses, and admire the unforgettable natural wonders of Kazakhstan.


  • Singing Dune
  • Lake Bartogay
  • Aktau Mountains
  • Charyn Canyon
  • Ancient Mosque
  • A Seven-hundred-year-old Tree
  • Thermal Springs
  • Lava Mountains Katutau
The tour program in Kazakhstan includes:

The first day

(Almaty - Basshi village - Aktau mountains - Katutau mountains - Seven hundred years old tree - Basshi village)

-We leave in the morning from Almaty. Our driver will pick you up at the specified address. Travel time will be 3 hours (290 km). We arrive in the village of Basshi, where we check into a hotel and have breakfast.

- Then the Aktau mountains are waiting for us. We will go through a trekking route, accompanied by a guide, and we will see the most breathtaking views and landscapes of mountainous Kazakhstan.

- Then we go to the Katutau lava mountains, where you will see incredible alien landscapes.

- The next attraction we will visit is the 700-year-old willow, one of the oldest trees in Asia.

- After that, we return to the village of Basshi, have dinner and stop for the night.

The second day
(Bashshi village - Singing dune - Zharkent - Chunya village - thermal springs)
-We leave after breakfast and go to the natural phenomenon of Kazakhstan, the Singing Dune. Here you will find a tour of the dunes, entertaining stories from our guide, and unusual photos.
- After the Singing Dune, we will go to the village of Chunya, where we will have lunch at a local café.
- We arrive at the thermal springs, rest and relax in the hot springs, and stay at the hotel for dinner and overnight.

The third day
(thermal springs - Charyn canyon - Kaindy lake - Saty village)
-We leave in the morning after breakfast to the Charyn Canyon, where we will see its best sights. We will go on a 6 km trekking route and listen to stories about the canyon, and then have lunch in an eco-park.
- After the Charyn canyon, the famous lake Kaindy awaits us. We will go through a trekking route along the lake, accompanied by our guide.
- We will finish our third sightseeing day in the village of Saty, where we will stay for the night in guesthouses and have dinner.

Fourth day
(the village of Saty-Kolsai-Almaty lake)

-We leave after breakfast to the Kolsai lakes. We will visit the two largest Kolsai lakes, and go through a trekking route from the first lake to the second.

- After lunch, we leave for Almaty. Our driver will take you to your place of residence or to any area of the city according to your desire.

* for people with good physical fitness; an alternative is an equestrian tour
route length - 1345 km, tour time - 23 hours, total tour time - 4 days

Seasonality: all year round, the best months to visit are from April to October

A four-day tour in Kazakhstan is carried out at the request of customers, both in the mode of group tours and as an individual tour in Kazakhstan. When ordering a tour, you can additionally make changes to the route for a fee. Additionally, you can include in the tour:
  • visiting an ostrich farm instead of trekking,
  • overnight stay in the Charyn canyon instead of accommodation in the village Saty,
  • overnight stay in a real yurt,
  • fishing in a trout farm on Kolsai lake,
  • horseback riding to Kolsai lake.

Examples of options: On day 2, you can spend the night in the Charyn Canyon if you do not want to visit hot springs. On the 3rd and 4th day, at your request, you can spend the night in a yurt. On day 4, you can go to the second Kolsai Lake by horse or stay at the first lake to catch trout.
What to take on tour?
  • Comfortable walking shoes

    Trekking boots, sneakers or comfortable hiking shoes are the best solutions.

  • Comfortable and warm clothes
    During a holiday in the mountains of Almaty, the temperature can fluctuate significantly, and it is better to grab warm clothes that do not hinder movement.

  • Sunscreens and repellents
    Cosmetics with a UV filter, repellent creams, a hat, and sunglasses will definitely come in handy while walking.
  • Food and drinks
    If you have chosen the economy format of a weekend tour in Kazakhstan, you can take water, drinks, and food with you to have a snack or have a picnic in one of the picturesque locations along the route.

Tour price:
Tourist taxi

The price of renting a car with a driver in Almaty is $1100 (6 seats)

The price includes:

comfortable SUV,

services of a driver-guide.

* Meals are not included in the tour, you can order lunch at the cafe along the way or take food with you.

All-Inclusive Mode

The price of the tour depends on the number of travelers:

1 tourist - $1500 per person,

6 tourists - $450 per person.

The price includes:

comfortable SUV,

services of a driver-guide,

lunch, tea, and coffee on the way,

entrance tickets for the route,

accommodation in a guesthouse (double rooms),

drinking water (1 liter per person).

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The most spectacular Almaty tourist places

Lake Kolsai is one of the most famous sights of Almaty, located in the mountains of Kungei-Alatau.

Lake Kaindy is a mystical place for pilgrimage tours in Kazakhstan, mysterious and picturesque.
Charyn Canyon is a unique rock complex that boggles the imagination.
The Singing Dune is the most interesting natural attraction that can be seen during our bus tour of Kazakhstan.
Asy Plateau is picturesque meadows and proximity to the stars in the most beautiful location near Almaty.
Tekes waterfall is a great option for outdoor activities in Kazakhstan. Beauty and extreme in one location.
Lake Issyk is a high-mountain landmark of Kazakhstan.

Tamgaly Tas tract—mysterious petroglyph sites and secrets of the past in a beautiful natural location north of Almaty.
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