Weekend tour in Kazakhstan: Shymbulak, Medeo, Kok-Tobe, Green Bazaar, 28 Panfilov Park

Do you want to see the most interesting places in Almaty? We will show them to you during a one-day tour in Kazakhstan. We invite you to an exciting journey to Almaty!

In this excursion to the best places of Almaty you will visit: Shymbulak ski resort is located in the mountains at an altitude of 2200-3200 meters you will climb by cable car to the highest point of Talgar pass; Medeo high-altitude skating rink located at an altitude of 1690 m this rink is a symbol of Almaty; Kok-Tobe mountain to which you can reach from the city center by cable car the road from it offers a beautiful panorama of the city as well as a park with attractions and souvenir boutiques is located on this mountain; 28 Panfilov residents an old park in the center of the city it houses the Ascension Cathedral, the Eternal Flame and the Memorial of Glory was erected for the 30th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War; The Green Bazaar is an old market with a great history it sells more goods: meat, dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, souvenirs and much more the bazaar is a landmark of the city .

Excursion program

Going to Shymbulak
Our journey through Almaty begins with a visit to Shymbulak. Our driver will pick you up in the morning at the indicated address and take you to the popular ski resort of Almaty (travel time is about 40 minutes), where you will spend 2 hours on an exciting excursion, climbing to the highest point of Shymbulak, and admire the most beautiful views of the mountains of Almaty.

Arrival to Medeo
Then we are waiting for the Medeu tract, a high-mountain sports complex, a tour of which will take about 30 minutes.
Arrival to Kok-Tobe Mountain
The next point on our mountain tourism route in Almaty is Mount Kok-Tobe. After taking the ski lift the mountain, you can follow the hiking trails and admire the panoramic view of the city.
Departure and arrival at the park 28
It's time to return to the city, and we will go to one of the most picturesque parks in Almaty—the 28 Panfilovs Park. Our guide will give you a tour of the park, and tell you a lot of interesting facts and legends associated with it. You will see both amazing landscape ensembles of the park and famous sights.
Departure and arrival at the Green Bazaar
The last part of our express tour of the sights of the city of Almaty is the Green Bazaar. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of oriental bazaars, learn more about the culture of our country and, of course, buy authentic souvenirs. After an hour's tour of the Green Bazaar, our driver can take you to any part of the city of your choice or deliver you to your residence.
Total tour time: 7 hours

Seasonality: all year round

A one-day tour of Almaty is carried out at the request of customers, both in the mode of group tours and as an individual tour in Kazakhstan. When ordering a tour, you can additionally make changes to the route for a fee. If you want to see popular places in Almaty that are not included in the tour itinerary, please notify the organizers in advance, and we will select the best options for you.
Express tour price

- The price of renting a car with a driver in Almaty is $350 (6 seats)

The price includes:

- comfortable SUV for 5 seats,

- services of a driver-guide

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